Our policies

Dance is educational and fun, however, an important part of class work is developing an attitude of discipline and respect for teachers and fellow students. In order for us to offer students and families an organized, safe and positive year, we ask that you please review our policies with your children.

Guidelines and expectations

Common areas

  • Please keep noise and activity to a minimum when waiting for classes.
  • Please, no gum on the premises.
  • Do not leave any valuables in the change room (phones, ipods, money etc.). DDP will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items. Please note electronic devices are not allowed in the studios.
  • Please do not use the front foyer as a change room. There are Jr & Sr change rooms for girls as well as a boy’s bathroom/change-room.
  • We kindly ask … no DADs in the girls’ change room … please use the washroom for changing your child.
  • Parents are also asked to refrain from being in studio hallways. Only dancers & staff can be in the studio hallways to reduce congestion between the studios.
  • No street shoes or boots beyond lobby – please leave footwear on mats!

Dance studios

  • Students line up quietly outside the classroom and wait for the teacher to invite them in. Enter quietly and either sit in a circle or go to your warm-up spot. Unless you have permission, no dancer is allowed into a classroom.
  • Street shoes must not be worn on the dance floor as dust, dirt, and debris from the shoes can lead to falls and possible injuries as well as damage the floors.
  • Please do not lean on or touch the studio mirrors or hang off the dance barres. This is for the student’s safety.
  • ONLY WATER BOTTLES with lids are permitted in the studios during class. All other food is restricted to the change-rooms and common areas. Please clean up after yourselves.
  • Teaching tools, props and sound equipment are not to be used without permission.
  • Parents and/or guests are not permitted in the studio while classes are in session. It can be very distracting to our younger dancers and many are uncomfortable with strangers watching. To keep all our dancers comfortable and happy, we will only allow viewing to occur during our open house dates on the last week of NOVEMBER. At that point you may view the entirety of the class. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Studio policies


  • Please arrive at the studio with enough time to prepare dress & hair for dance, changing, etc.
  • Please make sure students use the washroom BEFORE class.
  • Young students arriving early must be supervised. Parents, for your young children’s safety, please be available in the waiting areas to receive your child when they are dismissed from class.
  • If a student arrives late, please enter quietly to not disrupt a class in progress.
  • Please call and leave a message at the office if delayed for pick-up.


  • Please contact the office via email or phone if you are not able to attend class.
  • Due to the impact of attendance on the entire class, we ask that students put forth their best effort to attend all scheduled classes, rehearsals and studio events.
  • If a Recreational Program student has more than 5 unexcused absences during the dance year, the studio reserves the right to rearrange the routine, shifting dancers out of specific positions if necessary.
  • A dancer in the Competitive Program is viewed as the more serious student. If a competitive student has more than 3 unexcused absences during the season the instructor may rearrange the routine, shifting dancers out of specific positions if necessary. If a dancer’s absences occur at pivotal times, i.e. close to a performance, the studio reserves the right to dismiss the dancer from the affected competition or year-end performance.
  • If a student needs to be excused during class for any reason, please ask permission. For early dismissal, you can make arrangements in advance with the class teacher or office to pick up your child.
  • Make every effort to attend each class. Closer to our year-end show is not the time to take a holiday as this is a period when last minute changes and fine-tuning are being done.
  • Possible extra rehearsals and ‘make-up’ classes may be added for dancers to be best prepared.


  • To our Students:
    • Mutual respect between students and instructors, as well as between students and each other, is a must.
    • Courtesy and good manners are expected from all.
    • At no time will bullying, rudeness or gossip be tolerated.
    • During class time, students are expected to pay attention to the instructor and maintain suitable composure for their age.
    • Parent involvement may be called upon if a student’s behaviour is disruptive or demeaning.
  • Students are asked to refrain from using social networking tools to talk about other dancers.
  • To our Parents:
    • Our studios are full of children who look to us as role models, therefore as adults we need to conduct ourselves in a respectful manner to create a positive and encouraging atmosphere.
    • As we strive to uphold our promise to provide the very best for your child, we hope you will do the same by standing behind our program and encouraging our children as they enjoy the art of dance.
    • If gossip or negativity is something in which you’re involved, we kindly ask that you leave it behind when you enter the studio.


  • Most often teachers have classes running back-to-back and are not able to talk at great length about your questions and concerns you may have. We want to and look forward to communicating with you, but out of respect for students who are waiting for their class to begin it may not be possible.
  • Please see the office and/or contact DDP to arrange an appointment with the desired teacher.
  • Office Hours: Monday to Thursday 5pm to 8pm and Saturday 10am – 12pm
  • E-Mail:
    • Send general queries to: davenportdanceproject@bellnet.ca
    • Send specific inquiries to: Sue or Lori – Directors of DDP: ddp@bellnet.ca
    • Please note that we will be emailing out all studio information and we ask that you update the office if your email address changes during the year!
  • Website, Instagram & Facebook: our website is your direct communication link to studio information. We will regularly update both to keep you current on additional information such as important dates and on-line newsletters.
  • Telephone: Contact the office by telephone at 519.747.4026. If no one is available to speak with you, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Withdrawal policy

We hope you will remain with the studio for the full dance year. However, should you find it necessary to withdraw you must notify the studio by email. Your account will continue to be charged until such a time as an email notice has been received.

Tuition fees

  • Upon registration there is a non-refundable Membership Fee.
  • Tuition fees are charged in exchange for the student’s participation in the dance program.
  • Fees are due upfront.
    • Arrangements can be made to pay your dance fees monthly (dated/payable the 1st of each month), in three equal payments (dated/payable Sept 1, Dec 1 & Mar 1) or paid in full by Sept 1st .
    • Fees can be paid at the office – we take postdated cheques, e-transfer or cash.
  • Our students are in our database alphabetically by their last name. Many of our students have different last names from parents and/or grandparents who are paying for their dance expenses; therefore, we ask that you please provide the following details each time you make a payment:
    • first & last name of payer
    • first & last name of dancer

Returned cheques & overdue accounts

  • A $30.00 fee will be charged for any cheque that is not cleared by the issuers’ financial institution for ANY reason. This fee, along with the original cheque amount, is to be paid within (5) days of formal notification.
  • Students with a balance overdue of 30 days will not be allowed to participate in class until the overdue amount is received.

Recital costume fees

  • Students will be measured for costumes in January *Please notify us by December 1st if your child will not be participating in the recital, otherwise you will be charged for a costume.
  • Costumes must be paid in full before students will be permitted to take them home

Refund policy

Membership fees:

  • Non-refundable

Class fees – we will gladly refund your fees provided we are notified 5 days by email before:

  • Monthly Fees  – The 1st of each month [Sept – June]
  • Term fees
    • 1st Term – Sept. 1
    • 2nd Term – Dec. 1
    • 3rd Term – March 1
  • Note: Once a monthly/term payment has been deposited a refund will not be given.

Costume deposit

  • Your costume deposit is due December 1st.
  • Please notify us by email 5 days prior to that date if you do not wish to be in our Yearend Dance Recital.
  • Note: After December 1st both your deposit & costume will be forfeited



  • Students will have a custom-made costume for each number they perform in the recital.
  • It is our goal to keep recital costume prices around $80.00 depending on the age of dancer.
  • Parents are responsible for the full cost of dance costumes.
  • Costumes are received once they have been paid in full. [less your $70.00 deposit]


  • Make-up is the finishing touch to complete your recital costume and should be worn by all dancers participating in the Yearend Recital. Students will receive an outline of make-up with their costumes.

Annual photo shoot

  • Your participation is encouraged at our photo shoot in June. For these class photos, students will need to dress in full costume with hair and make-up done as per the studio’s direction.
  • Pictures will be taken of all recreational group and are available to order at the photo shoot. Different photo packages are available.

Stage rehearsal

  • Students are required to attend the stage rehearsal held at Centre in the Square prior to the year-end show. This gives the performers an opportunity to get a feel for the stage, spacing & performance practice.

Annual recital

  • Our Year-end Recital is held in June at CENTRE IN THE SQUARE.
  • Tickets can be purchased at the CENTRE IN THE SQUARE Box Office and/or website.
  • Please note that everyone sitting in the audience requires a ticket including babies & toddlers and any performers wishing to enter the theatre.
  • Ticket Sales Date will be posted later.
  • We eagerly accept parent volunteers for backstage help. Please let the office know closer to the show if you are able to help out!
  • DVDs of the show will be available to order prior to the recital.

Additional information

Nut free facility

  • Due to severe allergies, DDP is a nut safe zone within the studio.
  • Please refrain from packing nut related items in your child’s dinner and/or snacks.

To & from dance class

  • Please ensure that someone is at the studio to drop off & pick up your child at the appropriate times especially if it is the last class of the night!

Lost & Found

  • “Lost and found” is in the washroom, please check it regularly if you are missing something.
  • Unclaimed clothing, shoes, etc., will be donated to Value Village at the end of June.
  • Please make sure ALL dance shoes & dance wear are labelled.

Class cancellations

  • During severe weather conditions, if you are in doubt as to whether classes are being held … Please check our Facebook & Instagram pages, listen to 570 News Radio and/or call the studio after 3:00 pm and listen to the message on our phone system.
  • If the studio does remain open, we will respect your decision whether your child will attend dance class.

Right to refuse

  • DDP reserves the right to refuse business to anyone. The studio also reserves the right to cancel the enrolment of a child for the following reasons:
    • Non-payment or excessive overdue payments of fees
    • Not observing the rules and/or policies of the studio
    • Physical and/or verbal abuse of staff or children by parent or child

Video/photography release

  • Each student and his or her legal guardian(s) hereby release to Davenport Dance Project the rights to all photography and video that may be taken by or for DDP during class, performances or competitions, for use in advertising and promotion, including television coverage.

Waiver and release of all claims

  • As the student or parent/guardian, please be reminded that during the registration process you released and waived all claims against “Davenport Dance Project” and or any of its employees, contractors and volunteers for any liability including but not limited to, personal and bodily injuries (including death) and loss or damage of property of the student or persons related to the student, which may occur while participating in the activities, activities sponsored by, or in the physical DDP building.
  • You represented that the student is in good health and does not have history of a medical or physical condition (except those which were specified) that would place the student at risk because of his/her condition.
  • You acknowledged that the student’s instruction involves physical exercise and physical stress that could result in the physical injury of the student, that the student’s involvement is voluntary, and that you accept all risks arising from there.